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Travellers had the opportunity to share what customs information they need

Publication date 5.12.2019 13.00
Press release

Finnish Customs piloted customs information targeted at travellers and available on the website “” from 9 September to 30 November 2019. They were able to give feedback on the service and to influence the way in which information on customs regulations are presented. The service was considered good, and Customs received useful development suggestions from the users.

The “” website contained the most important questions about Finland’s customs regulations that concern travellers to and from Russia, as well as advance instructions for persons departing by road from Finland. Information was available in four languages; Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian. The service could also be tested via the free Wi-Fi at Nuijamaa border crossing point.

“Thank you, everything is easy and simple and at the same time very informative”

Through the pilot project, we found out what the customers are interested in and how well the information packages meet the needs of travellers. From the piloting results we will figure out how we can provide travellers with useful information at the other border crossing points as well, and possibly through other operators service channels.

The service was used approximately 10,000 times during the piloting. All who provided feedback felt that the service was at least good. Moreover, around two-thirds of the respondents felt that the service was very good.

“We would like to thank all our customers for the positive feedback we’ve received and for the development suggestions; they were a joy to read”, Nadja Painokallio says happily. “We received many excellent development suggestions from our customers, e.g. on carrying medicines and travelling with pets. Now we’re considering how to move forward based on the piloting. The service is still available on the website “”, and it can be used via Customs’ free WI-FI at Nuijamaa”.

Customs is actively developing customer-oriented digital services. The pilot project “” is a continuation of the popular Customs Duty Calculator, which was developed in cooperation with the University of Eastern Finland and introduced in summer 2018.

Finnish Customs is piloting customs information targeted at travellers (press release 26.9).

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