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The burden on Intrastat data providers was lightened in 2008

Publication date 26.2.2009 9.00
Press release

The European Union has published an action plan with the objective to reduce the administrative burden on businesses due to EU legislation by 25 per cent by 2012. Intrastat statistics on intra-EU trade, which is the responsibility of Finnish Customs, is one of the targets of the EU action plan.

The number of Intrastat data providers is being reduced through legislation, and the data collection methods will be automated further. In the autumn of 2008, in connection with the programme, the Statistics Unit of the National Board of Customs measured the burden caused on companies by the Intrastat declarations, and charted problem areas in submitting the data.  

The companies used approximately 210 person-years in all on Intrastat declaring in 2008.  In 2007, when the sample was somewhat larger and there were fewer electronic declarants, the companies used approximately 254 person years on Intrastat declaring. 

National Board of Customs, Statistics Unit
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