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The advance ruling (C-198/14 Visnapuu) of the EU Court of Justice does not affect Customs operations

19.11.2015 10.16
Press release

Customs has assessed what possible effects the advance ruling C-198/14 Visnapuu, by the EU Court of Justice, might have on Customs operations and instructions. The review shows that the advance ruling does not have any immediate effects on Customs operations or the current instructions. If necessary, possible effects can be reassessed when the national court has made its decision.


The EU Court of Justice gave its advance ruling C198/14 Visnapuu on 12 November at the request of the Helsinki Court of Appeals. According to the advance ruling, the EU Court of Justice leaves to the national court the matter of reviewing whether the Finnish retail license system for alcohol is discriminatory and whether it genuinely is based on public health protection. Furthermore, the Court of Justice leaves to the national court to review the prerequisites for the realisation of a permit for direct sales for Finnish wineries. When supervising the distance selling of alcohol, Customs will not change its current mode of operations until these matters have been reviewed and the national court has made its decision.

Customs will publish more information during week 48 regarding the procedures directed at distance sales. These procedures ensure that taxes prescribed by law are paid to the state of Finland.


More information:

Mikko Grönberg, Enforcement Director, Customs Enforcement Department, tel. 040 332 2679

Press Release