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Temporary storage declarations for sea and air traffic at the end of 2021

Publication date 24.8.2020 9.00
Press release

In the future, a temporary storage declaration is required on goods which are to be cleared through Customs and which arrive from airports and harbours in the EU, Switzerland and Norway. The temporary storage declaration will replace the presently required summary declaration for temporary storage (IE344). At the same time, the arrival notification and presentation will be renewed. The new declarations will be taken into use at the end of 2021 as an element of the expansion of the UTU Declaration Management System of Finnish Customs.

As before, transport companies are responsible for submitting declarations, and can use representatives for this purpose. Declarations can either be submitted either as direct messages or via Customs’ e-service. Message exchange customers can start using the new declarations once they have updated and tested their messages with Customs.

How are temporary storage declarations submitted?

You can submit a temporary storage declaration 30 days prior to presentation of the goods to Customs, at the earliest. When you submit a declaration in advance, you can also lodge the subsequent customs declaration in advance. You must submit your temporary storage declaration no later than at the arrival and presentation of your goods to Customs. If you submit your declaration at that time, you can use a combined temporary storage and presentation declaration.

You must submit a temporary storage declaration on uncleared goods to be unloaded from a vessel or aircraft separately to each warehouse into which the goods are to be unloaded. Separate declarations must be submitted on Union goods and on goods which are to undergo customs clearance without temporary storage.

You must give a sufficiently detailed description or commodity code for the goods. As of 1 March 2023, commodity codes are to be given at the level of six digits in air traffic, express freight and postal traffic. The same will apply to sea traffic as of 1 March 2024.

When goods are unloaded into a warehouse, Customs will send the temporary storage authorisation holder a message entitled “goods entering temporary storage”. This takes place if the authorisation holder is a message exchange customer who has not personally submitted the temporary storage declaration.

No changes to declarations for goods arriving from non-EU countries

There will not be any changes to declarations required on goods arriving from non-EU countries. Entry summary declarations and the related manifest presentations are still submitted to the AREX system of Finnish Customs. We will notify customers of any changes to these declarations later. Information on future changes is already available on the Commission ICS2 website.

More information: UCC(at)

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