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Preliminary statistics on the foreign trade of goods, June 2016

8.8.2016 9.00

Finnish Customs, Statistics

Exports increased by five per cent in June

According to the preliminary statistics of foreign trade of goods provided by Finnish Customs, the value of Finnish exports increased by five per cent and the value of imports by two per cent in June compared with the year before. The value of Finnish exports in June was slightly over 4.9 billion euros and the value of imports was 4.6 billion euros. Calculated from the beginning of the year, exports have diminished by five per cent and imports by one per cent.

The trade balance showed a surplus of 325 million euros in June. Calculated from January to June there was a deficit of 990 million euros. Under the same period last year, the balance of trade showed a surplus of 260 million euros. Last year the trade balance for June had a surplus of 175 million euros.

Exports to EU member states increased by 15 per cent while exports to non-EU countries decreased by seven per cent in June. Imports from EU-countries increased by two per cent and imports from non-EU countries by three per cent in June. Calculated from the beginning of the year, exports to EU decreased by three per cent and to non-EU countries by nine per cent. During the same period, imports from EU member states remained at the level of the previous year, but decreased from other countries by two per cent.

The monthly preliminary statistics release contains preliminary overall figures about Finland's foreign trade of goods. More precise figures of exports and imports as well as detailed statistics about specific countries and goods will be published at the end of the month in the monthly statistical release.

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