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System error in Customs’ direct message exchange on 24 November 2018

Publication date 29.11.2018 8.40
Press release

The customer notice of 9 November 2018 mentioned that a customs value field had been added to the customs clearance decision message in import regarding VAT transactions handled by the Tax Administration.

However, this feature has not yet been introduced because of a system error. The customs value field will be introduced as soon as possible. Information on the introduction will be provided later.

A technical error was detected in direct message exchange after the upgrade of 24 November 2018, which caused the following errors for some of the customers:

  • The customs clearance decision message did not arrive at all


  • Some of the items in the customs declaration were not included in the customs clearance decision message.

The error was corrected on 26 November by 13.05. Please contact EDI support if you detect these errors in customs clearance decision messages received between 24 and 26 November 2018.

More information: edituki(at)

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