Change in direct message exchange: new schema error message to be introduced

15.4.2019 9.49
Press release

As of 2 May 2019, 10.00 am, in cases where a company sends Customs a structurally incorrect declaration, Customs will reject such declarations with a new schema error message.

Customs asks its customers to test how their systems receive the new schema error message. The testing is to be carried out independently in Customs’ customer testing environment. It has been possible to carry out the testing as of 25 February 2019.

When a company sends Customs an application message that violates the XML schema, Customs will reject it. Presently, incorrect declarations are rejected with an application-specific rejection message. In the future, Customs will reject incorrect declarations with a new schema error message in direct message exchange.
Uniform schema error messages will be introduced in the following systems:

  • ITU import system
  • Transit system
  • Åland tax border system ALA
  • Statistics system Intrastat
  • Excise taxation system EMCS
  • New customs clearance system (UTU) which will be introduced in the spring

There will be no changes in the ELEX export system or the AREX summary declaration system.

Customs recommends that companies use the message structure defined by Customs for validating any declarations to be submitted. This practice allows companies to stop structurally incorrect messages from being sent to Customs. Updates are shown in italics.

More information:
Technical guide for direct message exchange
By email from TH.DirectMessageExchange(at)

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