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Message exchange customer: Make use of the message service for attachment files

18.6.2020 9.00
Press release

As Finnish Customs deploys the new UTU Declaration Management System for import declarations in late 2020, message exchange customers can continue submitting declaration attachment files to Customs in message format. This means that there will be no changes to sending attachment files in message format even as Customs is renewing its systems.

Customs recommends for current message exchange customers to start using the message exchange service for attachment files when they take to using the UTU system, at the latest. With the new Declaration Management System, message exchange customers can send attachment files also through the Customs e-service. However, in such cases the processing of import declarations will continue in the e-service, and the declarant will not be sent a decision on release or a customs clearance decision in message format.

In the future, after you have submitted an import declaration to the UTU Declaration Management System, you should reply to the additional information request from Customs with the appropriate reply message, and use the message exchange service for sending the attachments that Customs asks for. You can also submit your attachments in advance prior to an additional information request from Customs, as before.

In the current ITU import system, you can still send attachments to customs declarations in message format, through the attachment sending service, or by email.

More information: UCC(at)

Read more about the message service for attachment files in the guidebooks Introduction to message exchange with Finnish Customs (in Finnish) and Direct message exchange with Finnish Customs: Technical guidebook

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