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Process for amendment and invalidation of businesses’ import declarations to become electronic

11.9.2020 8.00
Press release

The aim is for businesses to start using new customs declarations for imports on 21 November 2020. Amendment and invalidation of the new import declarations will be requested electronically.

The import declarations can be corrected (amended before release) up until the goods are released for the procedure. If errors are detected after the goods have been released for the procedure, traders can request Customs to amend the declaration. This amendment after release is requested electronically with the message FI439A, “Free-form contact”, or alternatively, via Customs’ e-service. The e-service can also be used when requesting amendment after release for an import declaration submitted in the form of a message. The amendment can be requested by the importers or their representatives.

At the same time, so-called express claims will be discontinued, and the requests from amendment after release will be processed by Customs on a first come, first served basis. The processing time of amendment requests is 120 days, but quota requests and amendments involving release from warehouse will continue to be given priority.

Customs can ask for additional information concerning the amendment if required documents, such as the invoice or power of attorney, have not been submitted, or if the bank account number for the repayment of the customs duties is missing. The trader who requested the amendment will receive a printable copy of the decision either as a message or via the e-service.

The process for submitting invalidation requests and receiving invalidation decisions will also be electronic. Message declarants are to request invalidation using the message FI414A “Invalidation request”.

No changes to amendment and invalidation in the current import service

The current import declaration service for business customers (ITU system) will be running alongside the new customs clearance service. The amendment and invalidation process for import declarations submitted to the ITU system will remain the same. 

Declarations involving special procedures and end use, as well as all simplified import declarations, will continue to be submitted to the current import service even after 21 November 2020.

More information: yritysneuvonta.lupa-asiakkaat(at)

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