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Presenting a T-transit retrospectively

Publication date 12.11.2018 13.11 | Published in English on 12.11.2018 at 14.38
Press release

If a T-transit for transit goods that have arrived has not been presented to Customs, then the goods can be released for free circulation with an electronic import declaration where, apart from the usual data needed, the following additional information is included:

  • The code used for a previous procedure is 788 + the MRN number of the unpresented transit.
  • In an import declaration, the additional code XXX is used and mentioned in the box ‘Additional information (44)’:‘Transit pass-by – cleared from free circulation’.

If the goods still can be presented to Customs in the warehouse or in another approved place, then this should also be mentioned here. In such a case, in accordance with the given instructions, permission to unload must also be requested for the transit goods in question.

Customs does not discharge the transit; instead, the customs clearance decision functions as alternative proof of discharge.  

More information: yritysneuvonta.lupa-asiakkaat(at)

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