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Preliminary statistics on the international trade in goods, January 2023

8.3.2023 9.00

Finnish Customs, Statistics

Volume of exports remained at the level of the previous year in January according to preliminary data

According to the preliminary statistics of international trade in goods provided by Finnish Customs, the value of Finnish exports increased by 7,1 per cent in January year-on-year. The value of Finnish exports in January was EUR 6.2 billion. Export volume remained at the level of the previous year, but export prices increased by 8.3 per cent year-on-year.

The value of imports decreased by 3.3 per cent in January and the value of imports was EUR 6.6 billion. Import prices increased by 4.2 per cent, but import volume decreased by 5.6 per cent compared to January 2022.

Change of export volume during the latest 12 months was -5.0 per cent (12 month moving average February 2022 – January 2023). The corresponding figure for import volume ‘was -0.4 per cent.

The trade balance was in deficit of EUR 400 million in January. In January 2022, the trade balance was EUR 1.0 billion in deficit.

Figure 1. Monthly values of exports, imports and trade balance 2021-2023

N.B. Finnish Customs publish from statistical month 12/2022 preliminary indices for international trade in goods. Volume and unit value indices are calculated based on preliminary data and revisions are possible when data comes more complete. Data is found at Uljas statistical database under the heading preliminary statistics. The preliminary indices are published at 1-level of CPA classification.

The volume of external trade exports increased, the volume of EU-internal exports decreased in January

Value of exports to EU member states increased by 5.6 per cent and to non-EU countries by 9.1 per cent in January. The export volume to EU countries decreased by 1.6 per cent, but increased to non-EU countries 2.3 per cent during the same time.

Figure 2. Change of export values by month compared with the same month of the previous year 2021-2023

Value of imports from EU countries remained at the level of the previous year, but imports from non-EU countries decreased by 7.3 per cent. The volume of imports from EU member states decreased by 2.8 per cent and from non-EU countries by 7.3 per cent.

Figure 3. Change of import values by month compared with the same month of the previous year 2021-2023

In this publication preliminary statistics under table 6 are listed export and import values and percentage change by country. Tables 7 and 8 on trade with Russia by more specific commodity level have temporarily been added to the preliminary statistics publication. The values in the tables are preliminary and significant changes are possible when data becomes more complete.

Croatia joined the euro area in January 2023. Starting from the January 2023 preliminary statistics, Croatia has been added to the country group euro zone retroactively from 2020. Similar change was made in calculation of the seasonal adjusted and trend values. The impact on values is minor.

New method for estimation implemented in internationel trade in good statistics from statistical year 2023. Read more in the bulletin.

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The monthly preliminary statistics release contains preliminary overall figures about Finland's international trade in goods. More precise figures of exports and imports as well as detailed statistics about specific countries and goods will be published at the end of the month in the monthly statistical release.

Figure 4. Exports 2021-2023 (original, seasonally adjusted and trend)
  • Figure 4. Exports 2021-2023 (original, seasonally adjusted and trend)
  • Figure 5. Imports 2021-2023 (original, seasonally adjusted and trend)

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