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Preliminary indices for international trade in goods

Publication date 7.2.2023 8.30
Press release

Finnish Customs Statistics Unit publishes from statistical month December 2022 and onwards preliminary volume and unit value indices for international trade in goods. These preliminary indices are published at the context of preliminary statistics of international trade in goods. Volume and unit value indices for exports and imports are calculated based on preliminary data and changes are possible when data comes more complete. The final figures for these indices are published in connection with the monthly statistics of international trade in goods and simultaneously in the Uljas statistical database.

The preliminary data on indices is found in Uljas statistical database under the heading preliminary statistics. The preliminary indices are published only at 1-level of CPA classification. Data is available in categories total trade, EU-trade and external trade.

The indicators to be published are index point figure, monthly change (%), annual change (%), moving 12-month average and its annual change (%).

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