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New version of Uljas database has been published

Publication date 24.9.2020 14.00
Press release

A new version of Uljas statistical database has been published on September 23rd 2020. The appearance and functionality of the interface has changed. The new version of Uljas is more dynamic and the graphic features are more versatile than in the old version of the database.

The new version of Uljas statistical database opens now as default from the link at Finnish Customs web page. If this does not happen, clearing of the browser cache is needed.

Uljas can be found at

Uljas is a database for international trade in goods statistics, from which the user can select even the most detailed data on the import and export of goods per country. In addition to international trade statistics, there are e.g. logistics statistics as well as reports in Uljas.

Retrieved tables can be converted into graphic displays or saved e.g. as an Excel file for further processing.

The use of Uljas is free of charge and it is available for everyone.

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