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New standard industrial classification also to be used in foreign trade statistics

Publication date 2.2.2009 9.00
Press release

A new standard industrial classification, TOL 2008, will be taken into use in Finland. The classification will be used in foreign trade in goods statistics starting with the statistics for January 2009 which will be published on 3 April 2009.

The TOL 2008 classification is based on the EU standard industrial classification NACE Rev. 2.

The classifications are harmonised on the 1-4 digit levels, but the 5-digit level of TOL 2008 consists of national categories. The new classifications will replace the currently used NACE Rev. 1, and its national version, TOL 2002.

The reformed standard industrial classification will be introduced simultaneously in all EU member states.

The foreign trade in goods statistics will also be published in accordance with the EU classification of products by activity (CPA). The CPA texts are harmonised with NACE up to the 4-digit level. CPA 2008 is derived from the CN goods classification system which is updated annually. Foreign trade is reported in accordance with the CPA, for example, in the monthly review by the National Board of Customs.

Import and export are also described according to the main use of goods (MIG). This classification is formed on the basis of CPA 2008.

The most significant changes regarding foreign trade in goods statistics involve industrial production. New categories of the 2-digit level have been established representing new industries as well as old industries which have increased their economic and social significance. The new categories include, for example, 21 - Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations and 26 - Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products.

More detailed information on the new standard industrial classification is available on the website of Statistics Finland ( under Metadata> Classifications > Economic classifications > Industries (TOL).

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