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More time for Customs’ customers to switch to identification and authorisations

Publication date 10.12.2020 13.24 | Published in English on 11.12.2020 at 7.47
Press release

Customs’ customers who still use Katso IDs, will be given time until 28 February 2021 to switch to the service maintained by the Digital and Population Service. The extended time limit is intended for customers who cannot begin using identification and authorisations independently. Of Customs’ customers, these are mainly foreign companies and individuals. Other customers will start using identification and authorisations by 31 December 2020. 

We ended up extending the time limit regarding the Katso service, because Finnish Customs wants to safeguard the transition of those who still have not begun using the Suomi-fi service, so that the smoothness of our foreign trade is not placed in jeopardy. 

– It is important to Customs that the electronic communication isn’t interrupted at any stage, and that the customers have sufficient time to get their authorisations in order, emphasises Customer Service Manager Juha Lempiäinen.

– We want to ensure also that all customers get the support they need at the beginning of the next year, when the UK’s withdrawal from the EU takes place in practice. 

Do you need help in switching to authorisations?

Customs’ customer service gladly helps you to switch to Suomi-fi identification, and our website has comprehensive instructions as well for different situations. 

Customer support: General advice for business customers, tel. 0295 5202, 8.00 am to 4.15 pm

About e-Authorization and mandates on the Customs website:
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