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Message descriptions for customs warehousing now published

Publication date 14.6.2018 15.00
Press release

Finnish Customs is to take on the use of electronic customs warehousing declarations. In the future, it is possible to submit declarations to Customs either through the web service or via direct message exchange from business systems. According to preliminary plans, a web service will be introduced in the spring of 2019, followed by direct message exchange.

In message exchange, customs warehousing declarations are submitted to the new customs declaration system (UTU) according to Customs specifications, that is, according to message descriptions. The first version of message descriptions for customs warehousing is now available on the Customs website. The message descriptions contain an introduction, a message exchange guide, message data contents, examples of codes to be used in customs warehousing, as well as the message structure of a standard customs warehousing declaration. The descriptions are preliminary, and will be completed and specified during September. The numbering of messages may also still change due to specifications of EU centralised customs clearance. In the later stage of customs warehousing message exchange, an electronic correction and cancellation request will be introduced for customers to submit to Customs. Customers will be notified separately when the request is taken into use.

In certain aspects, customs warehousing message exchange will be different to direct message exchange used in other Customs systems. Further information on these changes will also be released in the autumn.

More information:
Customer notice, 18 April 2018: Customs warehousing declarations will become electronic in 2019

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