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Message declarations for customs warehousing have been introduced

Publication date 8.5.2019 12.34
Press release

Customs warehousing declarations are to be submitted electronically as of 1 June 2019. Declarations can be submitted to Customs via Customs’ online service and now also in message format. Message exchange requires an authorisation granted by Customs and testing with Customs. It is possible to be granted an extension for the testing until no longer than the end of June. Message declarations are also shown in Customs’ online service. In the online service, it is now possible to switch the transaction channel from message exchange to the online service.

Requirements for message exchange

A company should consider message exchange directly from its own system, if it submits a large number of declarations or if its declarations contain a lot of goods items.

Message exchange requires:

  • message exchange authorisation for customs warehousing, applied for using Customs form 1092e
  • EORI registration of the message declarant
  • communications via direct message exchange
  • testing of the software with Customs
    • When testing the standard customs warehousing declaration, the testing service for message exchange is used, which requires identification with the company employee’s Katso ID that has the Customs – Service Provider role.

Declarations submitted in message format can be processed in Customs’ online service

The submitter of a message declaration for customs warehousing can also see the declaration in Customs’ online service. Likewise, a company that is the holder of the customs warehousing procedure can in the online service see the declarations that the representative has submitted on behalf of the company. Both the company indicated as the declarant as well as the representative that submitted the message declaration can request amendment of the message declaration in the online service instead of via message exchange. The transaction channel for the declaration can only be switched once, from message exchange to the online service. After the switch, the processing of the declaration continues in Customs’ online service, and any notifications submitted by Customs are directed to the online service.

New message declarants for customs warehousing can be granted an extension for the testing

Companies shall declare their goods for the customs warehousing procedure electronically by 1 June 2019. After this, Customs will no longer receive customs warehousing declarations submitted with a SAD form. If a company applies for the message exchange authorisation by 24 May 2019, it can be granted an extension until no later than the end of June. Customs can grant an extension, in writing, to individual companies for the testing of the system. The testing will take three weeks and it will be carried out with Customs during the agreed time period. A company that submits declarations with a SAD form can present Customs’ letter concerning the granted extension period to the temporary storage operator when picking up good from the temporary storage facility.

We are at your service even during service disruptions

We will provide information of any service disruptions in Customs’ online service. Message declarants can subscribe to service disruption notices sent by email on the Customs website.

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