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Message declarant: you will receive documents in PDF format from the new customs clearance system only on request

12.11.2020 8.00
Press release

The new customs warehousing and import declarations will be introduced in spring 2021. Message declarants have earlier received the documents related to customs declarations in both XML and PDF formats. In the new customs clearance system, Customs will no longer provide the documents automatically in PDF format.

In future, Customs declaration-related PDF documents generated by Customs must be requested separately

If you need a PDF document, such as a decision on release or a customs clearance decision, in addition to the XML response message related to a customs declaration, request it by providing the code “FIPDF” in the additional information section of the declaration message. After that, the PDF documents will remain retrievable as a message from Customs for three months. 

If the additional information code has not been provided, Customs will not generate PDF documents concerning the declaration. You can, however, retrieve the document in PDF format later by logging in to Customs’ e-service.

You will always receive the decisions concerning customs warehousing declarations in PDF format

Message exchange customers will still automatically receive the decisions concerning customs warehousing declarations in PDF format. As regards other response messages in customs warehousing, such as requests for additional information, documents in PDF format will have to be requested by using the additional information code “FIPDF”. 

More information: UCC(at)

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