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Major update of X-ray scanning technology at the eastern border with EU support

6.8.2020 10.00
Press release

Finnish Customs has subjected the procurement of large X-ray scanning systems for the Vaalimaa, Vainikkala and Imatra border crossing points to competitive tendering. The value of the procurement is almost six million euros and it is primarily financed through the European Neighbourhood Instrument Cross-Border Cooperation.

Funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland.

Finnish Customs has finalized the procurement contracts with X-ray scanning system supplier Nuctech Warsaw Company Limited Sp Z.O.O. for the modernization of the X-ray scanning systems used for road traffic in Vaalimaa and trains in Vainikkala, and for a new system for scanning trains in Imatra. The value of the acquisitions is about 5.8 million euros in total, of which 1.7. million euros is financed nationally, and the rest is financed through the funding programme ENI-SEFR-CBC.

The procurement was carried out quality first with a fixed-price tender

The tendering for the X-ray scanning systems in Vaalimaa and Imatra was carried out as a reverse competition, in which the price of the acquisition was fixed and the tenderers only competed on quality factors. Customs used a fixed price and quality scoring in order to ensure maximum use of the received financing and the win of the equipment with the best technical qualities. Due to a smaller budget, the tendering for Vainikkala was carried out as a traditional tendering.

Although several tenderers participated in the negotiation stage and the scoring model was designed to be as broad as possible in order to take into account the differences of the tenderers, in the end, Customs only received offers from Nuctech Warsaw. The systems offered by the winning tenderer received excellent quality points and represent the newest X-ray scanning technology.

In the tendering, Customs also considered environmental issues, such as solar panels to be attached to the roof of the X-ray scanning facility in Vaalimaa, with which part of the electricity needed for the device is produced.

The aim is smooth goods traffic at the eastern border

The X-ray scanning devices make control activities more efficient and quick compared to traditional physical control. For example, the aim is to scan all arriving and departing goods train traffic at the Vainikkala and Imatra border crossing points.

- The new X-ray systems not only make it possible to scan larger amounts than before, but they also provide a better image quality. This could be compared to the shift from analogue TV broadcasts to high-definition, says Enforcement Director Mikko Grönberg.

New systems in use next year

The preparations for the new systems start in the autumn and according to the plans, the systems will be taken into use at the end of 2021.

More information:
Mikko Grönberg, Enforcement Director, tel. +358 40 332 2679
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