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Information in the FINTARIC commodity code service in machine-readable format as of 6 February 2019

Publication date 6.2.2019 15.01
Press release

The FINTARIC information distribution service is available through the service channel as of 6 February 2019. The distribution service contains the information stored in the commodity code service in machine-readable format, which means that commodity code details can be exported directly to companies’ systems.

Using the FINTARIC distribution service requires registration in the service channel, as well as registration as a user of the distribution service via email to edituki(at) Customs EDI Support needs the contact details of your company’s contact person upon registration.

You can download technical descriptions of the FINTARIC distribution service on the Customs website at The distribution service data is open for all.

Technical support for users of the FINTARIC distribution service is offered by EDI Support at the Customs Electronic Service Centre. When you register as a distribution service user, EDI Support will go through your technical details with you. If you want to be prepared for any possible disruptions in the FINTARIC distribution service, you can order notifications on disruptions on the Customs website at by clicking “Tariff Information Service FINTARIC”.

Customs will give up using the service provided by Edita in accordance with a schedule to be published separately.

More information:
UCC UTU customer project: UCC(at)
Electronic Service Centre: edituki(at), tel. +358 295 521 001

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