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Import and entry declarations will be gradually renewed in 2020–2024

Publication date 11.10.2019 8.31 | Published in English on 15.10.2019 at 12.33
Press release

Import and entry declarations will be processed in the new Customs Clearance System UTU from 2020-2021. The changes will be implemented in stages. So far only the customs warehousing declarations are submitted in the Customs Clearance System UTU.

Import declarations submitted by businesses will be renewed in two stages. The import declarations for goods released for free circulation will be renewed in the end of 2020. Other import declarations, such as inward processing and end use declarations will have to be submitted to the UTU system from the end of 2021.

The current summary declaration submitted for goods arriving by sea or air will be replaced by the temporary storage declaration by the end of 2021. On the other hand, the entry summary declaration submitted for goods arriving from a non-EU country in all modes of transport will not be revised in stages for a mode of transport at a time until 2023-2024. The temporary storage declaration will be submitted to the Finnish Customs system and the entry summary declaration to the EU common declaration system.

Message declarants must update their data systems

All the import and entry message declarants need to update their data systems in accordance with the new data requirements. Customs aims to publish the national message descriptions approximately a year before the new system is introduced. The first descriptions concerning import will be published at the end of 2019. The message declarants must test the changes together with Customs.

The EU’s timetables guide Customs’ timetables

The timetable of Finnish Customs is based on the EU legislation and on the national decisions. In May 2019, an amendment to Article 278 of the Union Customs Code (UCC) entered into force. It changed end date of deployment of the new customs clearance system. In its IT strategy and Work Programme, the EU determines the timeframe for the different types of declarations. The Work Programme timetable that is in accordance with the amendment to the UCC is not published yet. The new Customs timetable for changes in the import and entry declarations is in accordance with the known EU timeframe.

The Customs export and transit declarations are going to be renewed in 2022–2024.

More information: UCC(at)

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