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New warehouse IDs to be used in import declarations by private persons – businesses’ import declarations remain unchanged for now

11.2.2020 12.49
Press release

Finnish Customs launched a new Import Declaration Service for private persons on 11 February 2020. The new service replaces the previous Import Declaration Service as regards private persons. Businesses are still to use the old Import Declaration Service (available in Finnish and Swedish) when submitting their import customs declarations.

The new service requires private persons to provide the warehouse ID in a new format when indicating the location of the goods. Businesses, by contrast, are still to use warehouse IDs of the old format, except when lodging customs warehousing declarations, in which the new warehouse IDs are required. Due to this, the notices of arrival sent by transport companies to customers may contain warehouse IDs displayed in both the format with an extension code beginning with R, and the new format. Warehouse IDs of the new format will be introduced in businesses’ import customs declarations only once the new customs clearance system is launched towards the end of 2020.

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