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Foreigners with unpaid fines, taxes or customs duties to the Russian State cannot enter Russia

20.6.2019 9.40
Press release

Have you been administratively fined when visiting Russia or do you have outstanding customs duty or tax debt to the Russian State, for example due to infringement of the rules concerning temporary import of vehicles?

Foreign private persons who have unpaid fines, taxes or customs duties cannot enter Russia. The Russian State has launched a pilot project for an internet service where you can check if you are under an entry ban. You can log in to the service at the address You must enter your name, surname, sex, nationality and date of birth.

Currently, the service is only available in Russian.

This information service was introduced recently, and therefore the system does not contain all the necessary information yet. Russian Customs therefore recommends that any inquiries about possible entry bans be made in writing to a regional customs office of the Federal Customs Service.

More information: yritysneuvonta.lupa-asiakkaat(at)

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