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Finnish Customs uncovered more than 18 kilograms of amphetamine stashed in the terrain

19.4.2018 7.00
Press release

Finnish Customs has investigated an organisation that smuggled and distributed 23 kilograms of amphetamine from the Netherlands to Finland. The street market value of the narcotics would have been approximately 590 000 euros.

In the late summer of 2017, Finnish Customs seized 18 kilograms of amphetamine stashed in the terrain in Helsinki. The narcotics were brought into Finland by two couriers from Lithuania. Customs immediately apprehended both Lithuanian couriers and the Finnish man who picked up the narcotics stashed in the terrain. In addition, Customs seized 20,000 euros in cash, which had been used to pay the couriers for the narcotics consignment.

Based on the preliminary investigation conducted by Customs, five kilograms of amphetamine were brought into Finland earlier in the summer of 2017 and stashed in the same area in Helsinki. Based on the preliminary investigation conducted by Customs, this consignment has been sold on in Finland. Five kilograms of the narcotic corresponds to approximately 50 000 doses.

During the preliminary investigation, five persons have been detained in Finland in connection with the case. The suspects are Finnish and Lithuanian citizens. One of the lithuanian suspects was caught abroad and handed over to Finland based on a European arrest warrant.

The smuggling of narcotics was arranged in several meetings

The preliminary investigation conducted by Customs shows that the import of the amphetamine to Finland was arranged in Tallinn, Estonia between the Finnish main suspect and the Lithuanian smuggler, who is suspected of having arranged the smuggling. It is suspected that they met several times before the smuggling in order to make arrangements.

The preliminary investigation also shows that the couriers who brought the narcotics to Finland were told to pick up the narcotics in the Netherlands, from where they were transported by car to Germany and onwards to Finland.

Customs has investigated the smuggling and distribution as several aggravated narcotics offences. Customs has completed the preliminary investigation into the case and forwarded the matter to the Helsinki Prosecutors’ Office for consideration of charges.

Press Release