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Finnish Customs uncovered a smuggling ring that imported marijuana worth 1.4 million

29.3.2018 7.00
Press release

Finnish Customs has uncovered around 74 kilograms of marijuana smuggled into Finland by an import organisation in the beginning of February 2018. Customs suspects six men, with foreign backgrounds who mainly live outside Finland, of several aggravated narcotics offences.

During the preliminary investigation, Customs ascertained that from November 2017 to February 2018, the organisation had brought in a total quantity of 74 kilograms of marijuana, of which Customs seized 71 kilograms. The aim was to smuggle the narcotics to the Turku region, to be distributed by a man from Turku. The street value in Finland would have amounted to 1.4 million euros. In addition to this Customs uncovered, in connection with the preliminary investigation of the case, a Cannabis growing operation during a home search and seized a little more than one kilogram of dried marijuana and several Cannabis Sativa plants.

Bringing in narcotics on foot, by car or as freight consignments

Customs preliminary investigation showed that the members of the organisation smuggled great quantities of marijuana on several occasions via Helsinki and Torneo to Finland on foot or by car. Marijuana was also brought into the country as freight from Southern Europe through a courier company. The weight of the narcotics batches varied from three to 21 kilograms. Customs preliminary investigation also showed that the operation’s key player, operating abroad, recruited economically disadvantaged individuals without a previous criminal history to do the smuggling.

Customs uncovered the operation in the beginning of February 2018, when Customs apprehended the key player and another suspect in Kaarina with a large batch of narcotics. In addition to this, Customs conducted several home searches in the Turku region during which more marijuana was seized. Of the suspects, four individuals are still held in pre-trial detention.

Customs has cooperated with several national and foreign investigating authorities during the preliminary investigation of the case, especially with the Southwestern Finland Police Department. Customs’ preliminary investigation into the crime is at its end. When the preliminary investigation is concluded, the case will be assigned to the Prosecutor’s Office of Western Finland for consideration of charges.

Press Release