You can apply for the status of control point for foodstuffs and vegetable controls in August

1.7.2019 8.45
Press release

As of 14 December 2019, it is only possible to import non-EU foodstuffs and food contact materials subject to intensified EU controls as well as fresh vegetables, fruits and berries covered by the plant health legislation via certain border control posts.

In the future, physical checks of these products (identity checks, plant health controls and sampling) must be performed either at approved border control posts designated in advance (BCP) or at other control points (CP), which must be approved in advance. An other control point can be either the importer company’s or the forwarder’s warehouse that meets the requirements of the Official Controls Regulation and the implementing acts adopted on the basis of the Regulation. The control point must also meet the requirements of the EU General Regulation 852/2004 on the hygiene of foodstuffs, and a notification of food premises must be submitted for the premises.

How do I apply for the status of other control point?

The company or the forwarder must apply for the status of other control point for its warehouse in advance. Customs will launch a call for applications in August for collecting information about the warehouses that wish to be approved as other control points. Fill out the questionnaire by 31 August 2019 if you want to ensure that the products to be inspected can be moved to the required warehouse in time before 14 December 2019, when the new Official Controls Regulation enters into force. Customs will inspect all warehouses that have applied for status as other control point, and will put forward a suggestion of approval to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland. 

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