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Dear customs warehousing customer - Finnish Customs is to take on the use of electronic customs warehousing declarations in 2019

Publication date 10.9.2018 14.24 | Published in English on 11.9.2018 at 10.34
Press release

In the future, customs warehousing declarations are submitted to Customs either through the web service or via direct message exchange from business systems. Our preliminary plan is to make online transactions possible for all customers in March 2019. Message exchange will also be started in spring 2019. Electronic customs warehousing declarations will become obligatory after a few months of their initial implementation.

Please observe the relevant changes in good time

  • The information content of declarations will change. The warehouse ID to be used is of a new format, the commodity code must be given at the minimum level of six (6) digits, and the statistical value of goods must be given.
  • Customs will give your declaration its MRN and consignment numbers that are to be entered in the customs warehouse books and forwarded to the person who submits the following customs declaration. You can use the current warehousing number as your own declarant reference number when you so wish.
  • You can also submit your declarations in advance, that is, 30 days prior to the presentation of goods when you have the reference details of the previous declaration.
  • Declarations are processed by the Electronic Service Centre which is open 24/7.
  • The person responsible for customs warehouse bookkeeping must also submit a discharge declaration when the goods are placed under another customs procedure or re-exported.
  • You must have an EORI number for submitting electronic warehousing declarations. If your company does not yet have an EORI registration, you can obtain an EORI number from Customs.

We will release further information on the schedule for electronic declarations during the autumn.

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You can also contact us by email for more information: UCC(at)

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