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Customs will introduce the KATSO identification for Intrastat declaration as of 1 March 2011

Publication date 28.1.2011 9.00 | Published in English on 24.1.2017 at 10.35
Press release

The KATSO identification to be used for sending of intra-EU trade Intrastat declarations via online TYVI service ( will be introduced as of 1 March 2011.This identification is to be used from March regardless of what years or months declarations are being sent.The Katso ID system will be introduced because it allows to reliably identify the owner of the ID and his right to act on behalf of another person when he is signed in using the ID.

Users of the free of charge LiteTYVI service:

  • LiteTYVI IDs will no longer be in use and the KATSO must be used to log in to the service.
  • The LiteTYVI users are given a transitional period, 1-31 March 2011, during which they can sign in either using the KATSO or LiteTYVI ID.

Users of the fee-based TYVI Pro service:

  • However, the TYVI Pro ID will be required further on for the TYVI Pro service, but in addition to this, the KATSO ID must be used.  
  • There is no transitional period for TYVI Pro users, and the Katso ID must be used from 1 March 2011 for signing in to the service.

The Katso ID is issued free of charge to companies and it is used e.g. when using the e-services of the Finnish Tax Administration.The introduction of the Katso identification will not change the sending of declarations via the TYVI service, the only change will be to the authentication of the declarant.A company using this service must apply themselves for the Katso ID, unless they already have been allocated this ID.The Katso ID can be applied at:

TulliIntrastat role has been added to the KATSO identification system, with which an employee or a representative can be given an authorisation to send Intrastat declarations.An Intrastat declaration can be lodged using either a sub-ID (PWD=Password) or a strong authentication (OTP=One Time Password).Master users of companies need not separately to apply for the TulliIntrastat role, as all the roles are automatically available for them.

Please note! KATSO identification will be available for sending of Intrastat declarations via TYVI service only as from 1 March 2011.

More detailed information on Katso ID can be found:

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