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Customs warehousing message exchange descriptions specified

Publication date 14.2.2019 14.00
Press release

Customs warehousing message exchange descriptions have been specified. Specifications have been added directly in the direct message exchange guidebooks and in the message descriptions for customs warehousing.

The way that PDF files are relayed in the direct message exchange of the new customs clearance system (UTU), differs from the way they are relayed in Customs’ current customs declaration systems. The new schema error message, which Customs uses to reject a customer’s declaration with structural errors in direct message exchange, must also be taken into account in the message exchange of customs warehousing.

The message descriptions of customs warehousing have also been updated and corrected. The first XML message examples and a structural namespace definition to the messages, have been added to the descriptions.

More information:
Guidebooks for direct message exchange:

  • Introduction to message exchange with Finnish Customs
  • Direct message exchange technical guidebook

Message descriptions for customs warehousing


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