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Customs warehousing declarations will be updated in February 2021

Publication date 9.11.2020 10.04
Press release

The updated customs warehousing declarations will be introduced in February 2021. The aim is that, from 13 February 2021, Customs will only accept updated declarations. The exact date will be confirmed later.

Small changes to the e-service

The update will bring small changes to the customs warehousing declarations submitted in Customs’ e-service. There will be changes for example to the details to be entered in the declaration. For example, the importer’s details must always be entered instead of additional information code 00500.

Message exchange customers must update their declaration messages on 13 February 2021

Message exchange customers must start using the declaration messages for customs warehousing in accordance with the second phase message descriptions (message implementing guidelines) on 13 February 2021. Both the current and new message exchange customers must apply for a message exchange authorisation from Customs for submitting updated declarations. If you haven’t applied for an authorisation yet in the service Applying for a message exchange authorisation, do it now. The updated messages must be tested with Customs. Customs will agree on the dates for testing with each business. 

As regards updates of other import declarations, timetables will be published later.

More information: UCC(at) 
Customer notice: Import declarations by businesses will be renewed in April 2021

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