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Customs offers free access to foreign trade data over the Internet

Publication date 3.4.2008 9.00
Press release

Customs wants to stimulate foreign trade with Finland by offering free access to foreign trade data over the Internet. The new Internet service (named ULJAS) will be launched on Thursday, 3 April 2008, at 12 noon. The January 2008 foreign trade statistics will be published at the same time.

The user of ULJAS can extract statistics on imports and exports country by country. It will be easier to chart new trading fields because the service is free of charge. The service provides also researchers and decision makers with the foreign trade statistics they need.

The new system will replace the present database Ultika which the National Board of Customs and Kauppalehti provide jointly. A fee was charged for using Ultika and consequently it was not widely used. Ultika will be maintained throughout the transition period till the end of September 2008. The last update, the June 2008 statistics, will be added on 1 September, 2008.

To begin with, ULJAS offers data on products from the year 2002 onwards, on CN classification level as well as on (Standard International Trade Classification) SITC rev4 level. The amount of data will be gradually increased during 2008.

ULJAS is available at the web address: The service is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Additional information on foreign trade statistics on products, for example manual, quality descriptions and statistics specifications are available on the Customs Internet site ( under Foreign Trade Statistics. All foreign trade surveys, statistical information and statistical graphics published by National Board of Customs as well as the publishing timetable are available on the site.

The Foreign Trade Statistics published by the Finnish National Board of Customs are part of the Official Statistics of Finland (OSF).

National Board of Customs, Statistics Unit
For additional information please contact Jaana Lehtilä, senior customs inspector, Tel. 020 492 1894
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