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Customs Museum to take part in a work of contemporary art

Publication date 8.10.2014 8.00
Press release

The Customs Museum will participate in contemporary artist Jeremy Deller’s work Do Touch! The work has been commissioned for IHME 2015, a contemporary art festival to be organised in March 2015. The work, which puts emphasis on audience participation, has its mainstay in museum pieces that reflect social reality and a changing society.

Jeremy Deller is one of Britain’s most famous contemporary artists. Pieces chosen by the artist will be displayed in public spaces around Helsinki in March 2015. The Customs Museum will participate with three pieces which reflect Finnish Customs’ role as a protector of society in different times. Several other museums will also participate in the event.

Further information: Janne Nokki, Customs Museum Manager, tel. 040 332 2774


IHME Project 2015
IHME Project 2015 by Jeremy Deller: Do Touch - Saa koskea
Customs Museum in Suomenlinna

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