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Correction to the publication Foreign trade of Finland Volume 1 2005 (cd-rom)

Publication date 22.10.2007 9.00
Press release

Table 3.1 "Imports by the Combined Nomenclature (CN) and countries of origin in 2005 (CN2)" in the above publication is incorrect. The figures in this table relate to the countries of consignment, and thus the data therein are the same as those under 3.2 "Imports by the Combined Nomenclature (CN) and countries of consignment in 2005 (CN2)".

This table can also be sent to the subscribers of the publication as a separate file, either by e-mail or on CD-ROM.

For further information and orders please contact:
National Board of Customs, Statistics Unit, Päivi Tallgren or Leena Haanperä, e-mail address

We regret the error.

National Board of Customs
Statistics Unit

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