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Changes in statistics: International trade in goods unit value and volume indices, CPA-classification and Monthly statistics publication

Publication date 31.3.2022 9.01
Press release

The base year 2020=100 in unit value and volume indices for international trade in goods has been introduced. The indices are calculated now with the CPA 2015 classification. The time series has been re-calculated starting from the beginning of 2020. The indices are calculated with updated price limits, which have an impact on the percentage change in years 2020-2021. Index series with base year 2010=100 and based on CPA 2008 classification are no longer produced.

Starting from the statistical year 2022, international trade in goods statistics by CPA-classification are published only according to CPA2015 classification. Production by CPA 2008 ended at the statistical year 2021. (Classification of Products by Activities).

All tables and figures affected of the changes in the Monthly statistics publication of international trade in goods have been updated accordingly. Detailed data of both unit value and volume indices and data according to CPA 2015 classification are published in Uljas statistical database for international trade in goods.

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