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Additions to the message implementing guidelines for import and customs warehousing

1.6.2020 8.29
Press release

Finnish Customs has made additions to the message specifications, i.e. message implementing guidelines, for import. At the end of 2020, the same message implementing guidelines will be used for customs warehousing and import, when the submission of import declarations to the new customs clearance system begins. Data contents that are compliant with the Union Customs Code will be introduced in import declarations during 2020–2021.

Additions to the message implementing guidelines

Finnish Customs’ message implementing guidelines is a living documentation, which is actively updated. The guide for message exchange has been updated, and it now covers the declarations for both import and customs warehousing. We have also published the schemas for response messages. Before introducing the new declarations, we will be updating the codes, rules and conditions required for the declarations as well as the xml examples.

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