Changes in Customs’ systems on 24 November 2018 – instructions to message declarants

9.11.2018 8.00
Press release

Customs’ systems will be upgraded on 24 November 2018. Customs’ message declarants are advised to please note the changes described below.

AREX  Summary declaration system

New functions:

  • If an Arrival at Exit notification (ASA) has not been submitted for an export in the ELEX-system before the Exit Manifest Presentation IE547 has been sent to AREX, the Exit Manifest Presentation (IE547) will be rejected.

ELEX export system

Improved features:

  • A private customer’s personal identity code will not be printed in the trader identification field on export printouts; rather the field is left empty.
  • The explanatory texts to the entry rejection message (TSR) has been improved.

ITU import system

Improved features:

  • A customs value field has been added to the import customs clearance message regarding VAT transactions handled by the Tax Administration.

Now it is possible to use the new attachment message service for customs declarations

Attachments relating to import and export can be sent to Customs through direct message exchange.

The processing of the customs declaration will be considerably faster when attachments are sent with your declaration. If attachments are sent upon Customs’ request, the unfinished customs declaration will again end up in the processing queue.

Customs only tests the sending of attachments with software suppliers. Check that your company has software that enables this function.

No changes will be made to Customs’ other message exchange systems.

Further information

  • yritysneuvonta.lupa-asiakkaat(at) or                                                                
  • Tel. 0295 5202 (Customs Information Service, corporate customers) Mon–Fri. 8 am–4 pm

The upgraded version and the required system alterations may cause delays in the message exchange and increase the number of incorrect messages. This in turn increases the number of declarations Customs has to process, which may temporarily result in longer response times. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by these changes.

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