Statistics specification: Collection by Finnish Customs

Title of statistics

Collection by Finnish Customs


Finnish Customs


These statistics describe the amount of the taxes and charges collected by Customs including those to be made available to the State, other authorities, and the EU.

Data content

These statistics indicate the monthly collection by Customs on imported goods as value added, car, and other taxes and as customs duties. They also state the excise duties collected on tobacco, alcoholic beverages, and soft drinks. Furthermore, they show the excise duties on energy collected on liquid fuels, electricity, and certain other energy products. Customs even collects landfill tax, tax on lubricants, and certain other taxes and charges. Beside these, Customs obtains income from chargeable services.

Most of the taxes and charges collected by Customs are made available mainly to the State, but some of the collection is even passed on to the accounts of other authorities and the EU.

Data collecting method

The data are collected from the accountancy of Customs.

Applied classifications

The taxes and charges are collected according to the types of tax and the legislature providing the rules of entry.

Updating frequency


Completion or publication date

The data are published in the monthly international trade publication and yearly in the annual publication. The monthly publication is completed some 12 weeks after the expiry of the month to which the statistics refer. The target publication date of the annual publication is by the end of the calendar year which succeeds the statistical year.

Time series

Data exist since 1905.


customs duty, duty collection, value added tax, car tax, excise duty, excise duty on tobacco, excise duty on alcoholic beverages, excise duty on soft drinks, excise duty on energy, motor vehicle tax, landfill tax, tax on lubricants, tonnage due, compensation fee for oil pollution damages, charge for inspection of nursery products, strategic stockpile fee, fairway due, border inspection fee, agricultural payments, reimbursement of the collecting outlays

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