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The right of private persons to bring in seeds is subject to plant health requirements. Read more in Evira’s instruction Import requirements for plants brought in by travellers (in Finnish)

  • For personal use you can bring in 500 g of seeds from the territory of the European Union. Both from EU countries and from non-EU countries you can freely bring in seeds for which a phytosanitary certificate is not required.

You can read about the requirements according to the Seed Trade Act in Evira’s instruction for seed importers and marketers (in Finnish)

  1. A private person doesn’t need to register as importer in case of a single import transaction where the total amount of the imported seeds doesn’t exceed 200 grams.
  2. A private person doesn’t need to notify Evira’s Seed Certification Unit of the import transaction if the amount of seeds doesn't exceed 200 grams.
  3. When private persons bring in seeds, they have to make sure that the import country’s seed certification system corresponds to the EU system according to point 2.2 in the instruction. If the amount of seeds exceeds 200 g, the seed varieties must be listed in the EU’s catalogue of varieties, see Annex 2 to the instruction.

If the total value of the goods in a consignment is no more than 150 euros, the consignment is free of customs duty. However, this value limit is not applied to alcoholic products, tobacco, tobacco products, perfumes or eau de toilette products.

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  • When the total value of the goods in a consignment without the transport costs is no more than 22 euros, the consignment is free of VAT. However, this value limit is not applied to tobacco products, alcohol, alcoholic beverages or perfumes.
  • The minimum amount of VAT levied is 5 euros. For imports of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products sent to private persons, this limit is not applied. The VAT is levied also when it amounts to less than 5 euros.
  • The minimum levy of 5 euros is also not applied to imports of these products by travellers or to imports of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products by crew members of a vehicle in professional traffic between Finland and a country or region outside the EU.

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