Gift consignments

If you receive a gift you have to ask the sender to clarify what the gift is and how much it is worth, so that Customs can define whether it is a gift that can be released without customs clearance.

Gifts worth more than 45 euros are to be cleared through Customs, and import taxes are levied on them as for any other online purchase. 

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If you don’t know or you can’t find out the contents of the postal consignment even from its sender, you can make a forwarding agreement with Posti, in which case Posti takes care of the customs clearance. The service is subject to charge. You can contact Posti on 020 451 5900 or huolinta(at)

PLEASE NOTE. Customs will not find out the contents of consignments at the request of customers.

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If you don’t wish to receive the consignment, you should not clear it. If the consignment is not cleared within 20 days, the consignment will be returned to the sender. In the case of ordered goods, inform the seller that you have cancelled your purchase.

Before the expiration of the storage time you may notify Posti that you refuse to receive the consignment and that you wish for it to be returned to the sender.


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