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The transit procedure can be used to transport goods from the customs office of departure to the customs office of destination without paying customs duties and taxes within the territories of the countries that are parties to the transit convention. However, these movements of goods under a transit procedure normally require a guarantee.

An electronic transit declaration must be submitted to Customs for all goods placed under the transit procedure. In the case of T transits and TIR transits, this can be done via the Transit Declaration Service (Web Transit). Lodging a declaration via the service does not, however, mean that the transit procedure has started. The user obtains a reference number for the transit declaration, and using this number the declaration can be retrieved at the customs office, supplemented with entries by Customs and a guarantee reserved. The goods to be submitted to the transit procedure must also be presented at the customs office. At the customs office, the customer receives a Transit Accompanying Document (TAD), which shows that the goods have been released for the transit procedure. Only then can the transport to the customs office of destination begin.

You can create a declaration either as an unidentified user or as an identified user.

Unidentified users receive a declaration-specific reference number generated by the system.

Identified users can also browse their earlier declarations, use previous declarations as templates for new ones and edit declarations, as long as the editing takes place before the declaration is processed at Customs.

Businesses identify themselves in the service using their Katso IDs (a Master User ID or a Katso ID to which the role CUSTOMS - Customs clearance has been granted).

Before lodging a declaration, users are advised to consult the user’s guide and the tooltips provided in the Transit Declaration Service. The user’s guide also describes how to fill in a declaration for a TIR transport with several places of loading.

For the time being, it is not possible to send the declaration data via email after a declaration has been submitted in in the Transit Declaration Service. You can print the declaration data in the Transit Declaration Service. When visiting a customs office, you only need to bring the reference number of the declaration (the so called WP number).

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