Åland Tax Border Declaration Service (ALA)

ALA is Customs’ system for VAT taxation pertaining to the Åland tax border.

Online service of the ALA system for registered customers

Using the ALA system requires users to log in to an online service using a Katso ID obtained from the Tax Administration. Users need to identify themselves with a Katso Master User ID or a Katso ID to which the role CUSTOMS - Customs clearance has been granted.

In addition, using the online service requires users to register as customers.

Via the online service of the ALA system, a summary of import VAT declarations can be provided electronically. (Huom: tästä lausesta puuttuu ensimmäinen kirjain fi-sivuilla:”LA-järjestelmän”) The VAT declarations are still to be provided using form 118A or similar and to be submitted in paper format to Mariehamn Customs.

When the summary of declarations is saved in the online service, the system generates a payment reference that must be used when paying the VAT to Customs. Customers who submit the summary of declarations to Mariehamn Customs in paper format instead of electronically, must also obtain a payment reference from the ALA online service.

The service contains links to the most common online banks, and via these, the VAT due can be paid straight away.

Telephone support

Telephone support for users of the online service of the ALA system is provided by Mariehamn Customs. Advice is given in Finnish and Swedish.

By calling this number, you can ask for advice in questions concerning the online service and the content of the declarations. Customs will inform about service disruptions separately.

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Telephone customer service

+358 295 527 018, EDI and Import Declaration Service 9 am–3 pm
+358 295 52 333, Åland tax border matters 9 am–3 pm
+358 295 5202 Customs Information Service, Business customers 8 am–16

The Harbour Terminal, 22100 Mariehamn
Monday to Friday 8 am–4 pm (closed 11-12). Customs clearance also when m/s Rosella arrives and departs (except the morning departure)
Hamnterminalen, PO Box 40, 22101 Mariehamn

Customs office issuing customs clearance carnets


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