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You must have Adobe Reader version 8 or above to fill in and save the form and to send it as an attachment in an e-mail.

The best way to complete, print out and record forms is to use the Internet Explorer browser.
When using some of the browsers (e.g. Firefox), the PDF form cannot be operated directly via the browser window, but it has to be first downloaded by clicking on the Lataa (Download) button and opened in Acrobat Reader software.

Application for AEO

pdf icon 01_aeo_hakemus_en.pdf (pdf, 83 kB)

Application for AEO certificate and explanatory notes

pdf icon 02_aeo_instructions.pdf (pdf, 23 kB)

Instructions for filling in the application for AEO certificate and annexes

pdf icon 03_aeo_corrigendum.pdf (pdf, 31 kB)

Corrigendum to Commission Regulation (EC) No 1875/2006 (Box 15 in AEO application)

rtf icon annex_1.rtf (rtf, 279 kB)

Annex 1 to AEO certificate application: Owners of the Company

rtf icon annex_2.rtf (rtf, 275 kB)

Annex 2 to AEO certificate application: Persons responsible for customs matters

rtf icon annex_3.rtf (rtf, 158 kB)

Annex 3 to AEO certificate application: Economic activities

rtf icon annex_4.rtf (rtf, 411 kB)

Annex 4 to AEO certificate application: Applicant's sites

rtf icon annex_5.rtf (rtf, 203 kB)

Annex 5 to AEO certificate application: Group structure and affiliates

rtf icon annex_6.rtf (rtf, 157 kB)

Annex 6 to AEO certificate application: Description of the organisation

rtf icon annex_7.rtf (rtf, 200 kB)

Annex 7 to AEO certificate application: Agreement with publication and exchange of the information in AEO certificate

pdf icon 698e (pdf, 476 kB)

698e - Application for AEO authorisation

pdf icon 689e Instructions (pdf, 82 kB)

689e - Instructions

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