New importer/exporter

If you are planning on exporting and importing, familiarise yourself with Customs instructions on these pages.

You usually contact Customs when you receive or send goods from within the customs’ and fiscal territory of the European Union (EU) or receive or send goods from outside EU's fiscal territory. The map shows to which territory the country of destination and departure belongs.

The service path shows the most essential actions to be taken or observed before you can customs clear, store, transport or export goods.

Find out the country of destination and departure or whether the goods have already been cleared into the EU.

Find out the precise goods information in advance.

Find out in advance what the restrictions and prerequisites are for import and export.

Apply for the authorisations and registrations you need to fill in a customs declaration.

The goods have to be declared to Customs and cleared before you can receive or send them.

Will the goods get exemption from customs duty or lowered tariff treatment in the country of import or export?

What if something goes wrong?


  • EU countries
    • EU’s customs and fiscal territory
    • Countries and territories that are in a customs union with the EU
    • Countries and territories that are part of the customs territory but not
  • EEA countries
  • Schengen countries
  • EFTA countries
  • Common Transit Area


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