Function Case Situation in 2017 Changes in stages 2017 - 2020
Import Customs value A customs value declaration (D.V.1) must be lodged for consignments worth more than 20,000 euros. The value declaration on paper will no longer be required when all declarations must be lodged electronically from 1 October 2020 at the earliest, in accordance with EU’s Work Programme.
Import Binding tariff information (BTI) The applications are made using form 677s, which is sent to the Customs Registry Office. New fields of information have been added to the application from 1 March 2017 to 2 October 2017 in accordance with EU’s Work Programme. The applications are lodged electronically in EU’s information database (EBTI) from which the decisions are received electronically from 1 October 2018, in accordance with EU's Work Programme.
Import Origin When preferential treatment is applied for based on origin (GSP), the authority in the country of exit confirms the Form A certificate. When applying for preferential treatment based on origin (GSP), the exporter must register in EU’s registration system (REX) to issue a declaration of origin. The introduction of the REX system was started gradually on the 1 January 2017. Countries that joined were e.g. Guinea, India, Laos and Kenya. EU has granted country-specific transitional periods to their beneficiaries until the 30 June 2020.
Import Authorisation to lodge the import declaration to a Member State other than where the import goods are located when the declaration is lodged The operator may still have a valid community authorisation for simplified procedure (SASP) and an AEOC operator can apply for a centralised customs clearance authorisation, for which new operational models are yet to be determined. The AEOC operator can apply for a centralised clearance authorisation when the new operational models have been determined e.g. the electronic data exchange between the Member States and the new declaration formats. According to the EU Work programme this will be possible from 1 October 2020 at the earliest.
Import Process and declarations The paper-based procedure, i.e. the SAD form, may be used as an import customs declaration.

All declarations must be lodged electronically from 1 October 2020 at the earliest, in accordance with EU’s Work Programme. There are exceptions on goods brought in by travellers.

Import Process and declarations A consignment note may be used as a simplified consignment-specific customs declaration in periodic declaration. A simplified customs declaration must be lodged electronically for each consignment covered by a periodic declaration from 1 October 2020 at the earliest.


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