Descriptions of data systems and registers of Finnish Customs

Data register controller and purpose of processing personal data

Finnish Customs is a data register controller and handles personal data for the collection of customs duties, the customs control of import and export goods and foreign traffic, and the prevention of customs offences. Register descriptions contain detailed information on why personal data is processed.

Regular release of information

Information is released for purposes prescribed by law. Information is handed over to the European Commission and to tax and distraint authorities, the Police and the Border Guard. The release of information is described in more detail in the register descriptions.

Checking and correcting personal data

Apart from certain exceptions, everyone has the right to know what kind of information on them has been stored in a personal data register. Everyone also has the right to know that a personal data register does not contain any information relating to them. Everyone has the right to claim for factual mistakes to be corrected and for unauthorised information to be deleted.

Requests for checks and corrections are to be made in writing and signed. Correction requests should be specified so that any errors in the register can be easily observed and replaced with the correct information. Requests are to be sent to the following address:

Tulli Kirjaamo
PL 512

Descriptions of registers

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