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  • Counterfeit foods seized in the global Opson VI operation – in Finland, the operation targeted consignments of spices
    Press Release Lehdistötiedotteet tiedotteet 26.4.2017


  • Societal and economic impact of customs crime prevention at a high level
    Press Release 17.3.2017

    In 2016, the impact of customs crime prevention on society amounted to 225 million euros. The impact of customs crime prevention in 2015 amounted to 15.94 million euros. The increase in the impact is mostly due to the increase in the value of unseized goods.

  • The Customs Laboratory celebrates 110 years in service
    Press Release 27.2.2017

    The Customs Laboratory was established on 27 February 1907 through a decision by the Finnish Senate. During its 110 years, the Customs Laboratory's activity and tasks have changed in many ways. We have gone from 407 goods analyses undertaken for Customs Houses in1908, to 16 099 lots in 2016. What should be mentioned though, is that the amount of personnel at the Customs Laboratory has also grown from one person to 61.

  • Value of exports fell by four per cent in 2016
    Press Release Statistics bulletin 7.2.2017

    According to Finnish Customs’ preliminary data, the value of Finland’s goods exports declined by four per cent in 2016. The value of exports amounted to 51.7 billion euros. The value of imports, on the other hand, remained almost level with the year before and amounted to 54.6 billion euros. In 2015, the exports also decreased by four per cent, but the imports went down by six per cent.

  • Customs uncovers import of narcotics arranged by Finnish and Polish citizens
    Press Release 23.1.2017

    Customs has uncovered an extensive smuggling organisation involving Finnish and Polish persons. During the lengthy preliminary investigation into the case, Customs cooperated with several European law enforcement and legal authorities. The cooperation resulted in persons being handed over to Finland based on European arrest warrants. Ten Finnish persons have also been heard as suspects in the case.


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